ImPACS is used to organize the medical records of various institutions. Each institution has its account and users in that account can share the medical records. If account is to be created for the single user (e.g. individual practitioner) then an institution with single user is to be created with user’s name. Any user (except referred user) can refer medical record from their institution’s account to anyone who is not associated with any institution of ImPACS. In such case, a referred (or guest) institution with the referred user’s name would be created. This institution will have only one user (referred user) who can access only those records which are referred to him/her. Once referred user is created, any user can refer his/her medical record to this referred user.

    ImPACS is also used to allocate various types of resources for the institutions and provide access of those resources to the institution users. Once after the resources are consumed by Institution user’s then usage of resources shouldn’t be possible for corresponding Institute/Users. Later, users can purchase the resources and get further usage

    Archive and retrieval of medical records is another important functionality of ImPACS. User should be archive and retrieve the data on need basis. ImPACS also allows user to delete the records for a selected range once after the archival process is completed.